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     We have had multiple issues with IPR's quality that we have discontinued use of  all of their products.   Due to the poor quality of the casting on IPR's manifold (yes, IPR's is CAST) we were forced to CNC our own manifold.  We offer a much more robust design.  


     We start with a core intake manifold.  Then we ultrasonic clean it.  Then we tig weld our BILLET manifold onto that intake.  And these are welded ON AN ENGINE!!!  Our design FITS!!   We include a blockoff plate for the egr cooler exhaust port (you will use your short intake bolts to secure it,,  the stud goes to the rear and the bolt goes to the front).   

     We use the same approach with our Y-pipes and up pipes.  They are welded on an engine also.  We also use all oem flanges (so if you are interested in this upgrade we will need your core parts) on the exhaust.  We have seen too many aftermarket suppliers that manufacture their own flanges and they are nowhere near the quality of the oem parts.   We only use Vibrant flex joints.  They are triple wall joints made for forced induction engines.  I know for a fact  that  other retailers substitute for a lower price flex joint.  We do not.  

     We have been installing these setups on our customers in the shop for over a year with ZERO negative effects.  

     The cost on the intake alone is $650.   The Y-pipe is $275.  And the up pipe is $75.  

     We install this kit daily in the shop.  However, we do not include a "kit" of gaskets.  I have seen other retailers "kits".  They consist of a bag of orings and hardware that are the cheapest quality they can purchase.  I REFUSE to do that.  We know what parts are needed to properly install this setup.  And we are fully equipped to supply these parts.  We will have to charge for them,  but you can rest assured that our "kit",,  isnt a kit,,  it will be new parts in Ford packaging.  Most trucks need a slightly different list of parts.  Wether a blue spring, stc kit, oil cooler, fuel filter stand pipe, oil filter stand pipe, ect ect is needed,,  we can put together a setup that is JUST FOR YOU!!  No generic bag of orings and gaskets.  We focus on the hard upgrade parts,  and leave the hardware and orings and gaskets to Ford.  We will not normally drop ship either (we definately can) because we have multiple Ford dealerships in our area that stock everything you will need.  We get as much as 7 deliveries a day from those dealers.  

     There are options on the cores also.  I have had people order intakes off of ebay and have them shipped to us to avoid a core charge.  Our core is $150 on the intake,  and $75 on the y-pipe and $25 on the up pipe.  

     THE BAD FOR 03 OWNERS!!!!!  You must add $150 to the intake cost (or find us an 04-07 and ship it to us) because your intakes are not the same and we do not use them.  If your intake has the crossover connection in the rear,,  it will not be a good core for us.  But feel free to buy an intake online and put our address with your name and it will x out your core charge.  However,  we also cut the crossover tubes out and have a few intakes in rotation for 03 customers.  But we do not install our manifolds on 03 intakes.  Our intake will install DIRECTLY on any 03.  E series intakes are completely acceptable as cores,, as long as they are not 03's.  

     We haven't locked in a shipping price yet.  As of now,  it is easiest to not include shipping because of the size of the country.   One kit might cost $40 for both way shipping,  another might cost $65.  It wouldn't be fair to charge everyone the same price.  

Here are a few install in progress pics of this setup.  BTW,  don't overlook our two YouTube channels.  I will throw a link in here somewhere.  

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